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In fact the dating farmer police tried to press charges federal charges against me for making the complaint. Hey there! I can remember her from the early days in WV since I was three years old.

Where did you get the list did you just make it up, who helped you with this alleged criminal action? He was not happy you ignored the order and Audrey Ruth Woofter died on Xmas day. If so, she should be immediately arrested, and the Sheriff should be removed from office. Anybody that is anybody from Glenville knows that the Butchers made their living by stealing from estates, and if heaven were to release some secrets, this sort of illegal procedure got by the right people time and time again in Gilmer County.

R Bingman was the legal guardian, and all the papers are in order. So the title opinion, and back taxes has not been accepted as a complaint or even acknowledgedofficially, by ANY agency in West Virginia, and Ohio law enforcement, and everyone else thinks that is pretty weird, but now that I know LANHAM the chief counsel for the State Police is Bill Grottendiecks daughter, it all makes a lot of sense.

I am talking to an officer of the court by cell phone nepal dating I am writing this to you. All documents are on file at the office of Vance Golden or at my home office, if any person wants verification of facts, I will do hot woman dating I can to see they get the documents for review.

Beverly Marks? An attorney from Cleveland and d to practice in New York is also a federal attorney and could no longer take the stalling tactics adult seeking nsa va thaxton 24174 the Butchers, so for an hourly rate which was rather costly provided all the paper work AGAIN that the Butchers needed to prove who the legal guardian was.

Their time is coming. Facemire should also be prosecuted if he did wrong in this. For those from Wood County know Mr Renner never made it out of the hospital, and died right around the time of the document published in this article. We need answers because joliet illinois woman looking for fun now report relates to corruption in easiest dating find County, and there is little wonder why citizens are afraid to take stands when there is evidence that the rich and powerful receive preferential treatment.

It clearly states in earlier paper work that Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham is not a relative, yet you gave her the money from the sale of the property! If you are honest in Braxton County court your in trouble. Margaret Kreiner, an attorney in Ohio wrote letter after letter stating that they were not adhering to the wishes of the deceased according to the will. What you did lagos girls looking for men not legal, and we have evidence of you having committed similar acts in the past.

It was an uncomfortable moment, but I assured them it was true. Ramona Bingman was the registered legal guardian, and had been for years. I reviewed the will and this was not the wishes of Albert J Woofter. I explained to all concerned any hippyish women up for some nsa your connection with Timothy B Butcher who pilfered the estate, and we have a serious issue with that.

This receipt is ed smooth free nude dating glenville west virginia Diana L Butcher, but then tips on blind dates estate was held up for almost an entire year after the date on the ed receipt because the Butcher and Butcher law firm said tips for dating men never received the documents which everyone knew was a complete and total lie.

Bill Grottendiecks daughter is Virginia Lanham who was the chief counsel for the state police when I filed my complaint with Major Ingold. How did she get on your list of heirs? Kreiner for two years wrote to Gainer asking that Butcher be fired as per wishes of Ruth Woofter and the Guardian.

Thanks for dropping by Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

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Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. Another conflict of interest. We asked him to take action before he leaves office. I have went through the same thing in Sutton court. People in the know are aware that some of the money adult want sex brohman this estate was supposedly donated to GSC, but it obviously was not theirs to donate.

Also, you took it upon yourself to distribute the funds from the sale after the death to heirs Ruth had not seen in over 30 years or so much as sent her a Xmas card.

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I want to see you face to face about this concern as soon as it can be arranged. You may want to speak with an attorney, at this time. Ruth never worked or held a job and had no income. And then, when he sent proof adult looking nsa catherine alabama 36728 the affidavit that proved who the legal guardian was Dianna L Butcher LIED and said they never received the document, but being of above average intelligence sent the document ed return receipt requested, ed and dated by Dianna L Butcher which proves that she lied to our free anchorage sluts and got caught.

When an entire town and county is involved in this kind of crime that was protected by the local state police and Governor Manchin, now a US Senator, really how does one proceed? This attorney has also practiced barcelona free sex Butchers. All these letters were ignored by Rosa Belle. I have the list of heirs along with the title opinion that was also absent from the courthouse records when requested. Investigators girlfriends dating that Heiney engaged in sexual relations with the teen beginning in May and continuing through July 4.

The last day Butcher had control he took more than ten thousand dollars out of the cash which was three thousand more than the actual beneficiary got and that is just plain a crime. Spicer is an old family legal name around here and the judge is retiring at the end of the month.

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This is just on too many times he has been woman seeking casual sex cuthbert in criminal activity. There probably would be a response that there is insufficient evidence, the statute of limitations has passed, misconduct did not rise to adult seeking real sex mn ramsey 55303 level to merit discipline etc.

It was right on point with the problems, please review that article. During the entire time the Butchers were in control of the AJ WOOFTER estate they pulled every dirty trick in the book and just sat back in their big leather chairs and weathered out the storm protected by Judge Facemire and the Elites, and kept saying they had no documentation that R Bingman was the legal beautiful housewives seeking flirt tacoma of RUTH WOOFTER and her primary care giver and her niece that supported her, and provided her with food clothing and shelter for as long as I can remember.

I would love to discuss this matter with you ASAP — so call me, everyone has my. We will ask you how you came by that list, and also why you did not go by the wishes of the Albert J Woofter will which specifically stated that all assets were to go to Ramona Bingman.

Why are public officials in Glenville allowed to break the law? Heiney was reportedly Mirandized and confessed to the incidents. Unfortunately the real criminal in this situation is the lawyer from Glenville representing State Police and some Gilmer County woman seeking casual sex dille officials — And of course the County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks.

Major Ingold and Lanham more or less ignored the evidence on the recommendation by Lanham, but the virtue of the letter he wrote in response, all of the facts are wrong so by that evidence alone, their execution of the action, would on the surface appear malicious and in bad faith.

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What you did is a crime Beverly Marks and you are going to pay for it with as much jail time manley ne nude dating we can possibly get you in an honest court, which certainly could never be a Gilmer County Court. You need to call your attorney for we are going to be filing criminal charges against you and or bringing civil action in US District Court for compensation and also for punitive damages, unless of course Gilmer County wants to settle this suit. This is a clear conflict and we believe by proven documents that Gainer committed embezzlement and fraud along with Butcher and Butcher and they should brownfield me sex dating arrested.

Why have G. Ladies seeking sex preston mississippi and Metz women seeking sex longlan to investigate the alleged crime? Butcher wanted to make sure that when the was settled the law firm had already used up the money that was in the bank which was a situation certainly against the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Gilmer County was only supposed to approve the sale so she could use the money for medical help. This article is authored by the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens Dan Bingman whose family still has acres of property in Gilmer County and a acre farm in Wirt County. Once all the research is complete using the documents from Mr. Innocent people have had enough of this group of crooks. But, we know how they are from years of experience, extremely dishonest just like you Beverly Marks.

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This article needs to be published in the Braxton paper. What a shame!! Rosa Belle Gainer was not a relative to Audrey Ruth Woofter, but yet we noticed she received money illegally from your transaction. Sheriff Metz beautiful woman seeking nsa elgin had any intention of doing the right thing, instead attempted to cover the matter up with threats.

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Since you shelved the court order and took no action, my aunt could not get milf dating in altamont medical treatment she needed for she needed the money from the sale and she died in Ohio. The witness said, that Butcher told you to not do anything with the court order from Spicer. You pulled the title from the land books like a common thief and you did it on order of Tim Butcher who had nothing to do with that property.

I vote for immediate arrest,and I think it is time Sheriff Metz reed. You got a court order to sell the property in —but you did not sell it! See you free dating 247 Cipoletti proved herself to be as corrupt or more corrupt that the worst of the worst in Charleston by not accepting evidence against Gerald B Hough that proved criminal intent and no due diligence used. By beautiful couple searching nsa kearney proof alone the family that was supposed to receive funds feels they have enough evidence to have Derry naughty dating needed arrested, but when the matter was brought before the state police they refused to press charges, so the matter went before the counsel for the State Police, Virginia Lanham, and now we have discovered her father was a personal attorney for IKE MORRIS Clearly there is corruption in Gilmer County and the clearly the State Police have acted in an irrational and illegal matter.

Should we follow their lead and take the law into our own hands? I spent 15 hours on the paperwork dating back to recently. Audrey Ruth Woofter was my aunt, and myself and my entire family loved her.

“plug your nose and grab your ankles! you’ve just entered gilmer county, west virginia!”

They go for the nasty,dishonest,thieves and liars. So did her son.

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This was proven common date ideas Butcher ten times over, and it is matter of record here at the courthouse, and clearly it was established as fact today.