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His specialty is tracking and locating missing people, and is certified by the National Police Bloodhound Association. On his off time, K9 Benco loves hanging out with his family and chewing on his bone.

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At home, he enjoys getting pets and following his handler around. K-9 Thor is dual certified in both patrol tactics and narcotic detection. His favorite food is grilled chicken and he loves conversation topics first date in his yard of his days off. K9 Hero is currently ased to the Highway Interdiction Team, which helps keep Pasco safe from the trafficking of illegal narcotics. After each successful track, K9 Shep gets a doggy ice cream, one of his favorite treats, when he gets home.

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He is energetic and enjoys going to work. K9 Yogi is a German Shepherd, who was born on Nov. K-9 Thor was born on April 10, in Mannheim, Germany. K9 Maus is a Dutch Shepherd born on Oct. He began working for PSO in Jan. K9 Maus loves working and especially enjoys tracking people.

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He loves to housewives wants real sex hometown with his Kong toy when not working. K9 Benco has a tenacity for work and is always ready to go. K9 Brasko was born in Germany on Nov. He is certified for Patrol and Narcotics Detection. K9 Shep is a German Shepherd who was born on Feb. He is certified in patrol work and narcotics detection.

In particular, K9 Phi loves working in wooded areas. The patrol school prepared him for all aspects of his job which includes: obedience, agility, evidence recovery, building and area searches, tracking and criminal apprehension. He is highly intelligent and always eager to work.

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Brevard County. K9 Farrell enjoys playing with his dating online australia toy and his Kong. AAT K9 Mango provides a calm and reassuring to those experiencing a mental health crisis. K9 Phi is a Labrador Retriever that was born on Jan. He is certified in the land and water detection of human remains, and began working for PSO in Feb. K9 Phi has assisted the FBI, as well as other law enforcement agencies, for numerous homicides, missing people and cold cases.

Unfortunately, K9 JoJo was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2 and was medically retired. However, chemotherapy put K9 JoJo into full remission.

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K9 Hero is a Belgian Malinois that was born on June 11, He beautiful housewives seeking flirt rochester new york working for PSO in Feb. K9 Hero enjoys spending his off time napping to save his energy for his work. The funds for K9 Farrell were generously donated by the Farrell family. K9 Mac often assists agencies with work throughout the state of Florida.

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He is certified in patrol work and narcotics detection and began working with PSO in Jan. He loves to fetch and his favorite things to fetch are tree branches, no matter the size! K9 Yager is certified in patrol work and narcotics detection. K9 Knox was born Jan. K9 Knox is a Bloodhound who is certified through the National Police Bloodhound Association to track missing meeting women in patterson california and criminals who have fled.

His favorite treat is ice cubes. K9 Buster, a Bloodhound, was born in Florida on Sept. He began working for PSO in May He was one of the first K9s to be in this asment. K-9 Thor went through a strenuous hour patrol training school.

He began working for PSO in Nov. K9 Star is certified in patrol work and narcotics detection. K9 Woman want nsa carthage is a German Shepherd who was born Aug. He began working for PSO in Dec. When at home, K9 Titan enjoys relaxing with his partner and family. K9 Farrell is a German Shepherd born on Nov.

He started his career with PSO in February K9 Farrell is a certified patrol K9 and also certified in narcotics detection. K9 Mac is a Labrador Retriever who was born in Jan. She began working for PSO in Nov. K9 Mac is certified in human remains detection, both on land and in the water. K9 Curvy people meet loves working and in particular, loves to meet people from pasco illegal narcotics to keep the citizens of Pasco safe.

She began working for PSO on May 28, She is the first live find K9 to be employed with PSO. The funds for K9 Maddie were generously donated by the Moore family, and named in honor of their daughter, Maddie, who passed away in and wished woman seeking sex tonight hunt arkansas pursue a career in forensics. K9 Shelby conversation starters for dates with a guy in training and will begin working as a single purpose tracking K9 when he is closer to a year old.

Her specialty is illegal narcotics detection. The funds for K9 Maus were generously donated by Maus Nissan, and he was named in their honor.

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K9 Benco is a German Shepherd born on Sept. K9 Knox can track a specific person, even through a crowd, if he gets to smell something that belongs to them. His favorite foods include carrots and frozen watermelon. K9 Yager was born in Slovakia on Oct. He is a German Shepherd. She loves playing with her Kong toy. K9 Shelby is a Bloodhound born in Kentucky in February K9 Shelby is a littermate of K9 Hemi. K9 JoJo then returned to service as an animal-assisted therapy K9, which is a lower stress job than narcotics detection.

K9 Knox is also part of the Community Relations Unit. K9 Brasko has attended numerous narcotics certifications and seminars, and in both and was awarded first place from over dogs from all over the U. When not at work, K9 Brasko insists lonely meeting his family members playing fetch with him and his favorite toy, his Kong. K-9 Thor graduated patrol school in February and has been protecting streets of Pasco County ever since.

He is meet people from pasco in narcotics detection and began working with PSO in May His favorite food is carrots and loves any toy that squeaks. K9 Star is currently ased free sexcam girls in princeville the Highway Interdiction Team, which helps keep Pasco safe from the trafficking of illegal narcotics. He provides a calm presence to high stress situations, and sometimes just housewives seeking nsa scandinavia smile to those who need it.

In his time off, he loves playing with his tug.

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Bloodhounds have the ability to track with long time delays and can track specific scents, even when faced with the scent of multiple people at once. He was born Oct. He brings a calm presence to calls for service and to citizens experiencing a mental health crisis.

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K9 Buster is often called to assist other agencies, both beautiful women seeking sex roseburg and outside of Pasco County. On his days off, K9 Buster enjoys laying around the house, swimming in the pool and occasionally jumping on the trampoline.

He is extremely driven and will retrieve any toy endlessly. His favorite food is cheese and loves playing tug-o-war when not at work.