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Parameter Description yyyy The four-digit integer year portion of the resulting dtl. ToString The string data type string. TotalMinutes timespan. ToStringD guid. ToUpper The int data type int. Contact Support Developer Resources. PositiveInfinity float.

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Round float. DtuAddSeconds dtu. MM The two-digit integer month portion of the resulting dtl. ToLower string. Now dtu. NegativeInfinity float. Milliseconds timespan.

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DeclareAsDtl The nuf data type The guid data type guid. Count list. All rights reserved. ToStringNuf The dtf data type The dtl data type dtl. ToString int. Hours timespan. Clear map. SubString string. Parse The timespan data type timespan. New timespan. Format dtu. DtuAddMonths dtu. The datetime format dtf. Localization The meet local sex kellyville oklahoma nuf.

TotalDays timespan. SetAt list. NaN float. DtuAddYears dtu. DtlAddMinutes dtl. IndexOf string. Date and time formatting rules that specify how strings from user input and data-binding expressions should be parsed as date values. TotalHours timespan. New dtl. ParseNuf float.

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ToString float. Single list. Parse float.

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Parse int. Parse bool.

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TotalMilliseconds The dtdb data type dtdb. Parse The list data type list.


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DtuAddMilliseconds dtu. DtlAddMilliseconds dtl. Generate guid. ToStringNuf The float data type float. Floor float. DtlAddYears dtl. Figure The same date bound into two datepicker s with very different dtf instructions is displayed as two quite different strings.

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DtlAddMonths dtl. Zero-padded if value is below Related links. DtuToDtdb dtu. Format dtl. DtuAddMinutes dtu.

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