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Sammie, I'm sorry that your boyfriend feels that way about your sorority.

You never know maybe you could change the way he feels about Greeks and you! Free bbw sex personals fine, can we change the subject? But if he's kind of immature he'll do it anyway got to love us men. Good luck!

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Hi Girls!! I'll comment to give you a little more of the masculine perspective.

If he demurrs or gives you the standard silly Greek thing line, give him your best quiet puzzled look and ask him, "well if you don't want to help starving children, or don't have time that's fine, but please don't use the reason that you won't help because Theta's are trying to help.

Show Thre Show Posts. He might have more of a problem with the word, it hits a trigger in his psyche. Just remember to not argue, just ask specific and pointed questions. You know your relationship better than me, and you should decide where to draw the line. But does he just feel negatively about the Greek system as a whole? And does he know that you are totally impacted by adult wants casual sex marthaville opinions?

Oh you don't like my friends? Does he say things to make you desperate woman searching find hookers uncomfortable?

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OohTeenyWahine, says that if he truly cared for you he would realize how much his opinions impact you as well as how much Theta means to you. I don't know what to do! You can't sacrifice loved ones, but I knew sorority life would be time consuming, so I became inactive in my other clubs and focused on school, the BF, sorority, and work. I can understand that he has negative views about the system, especially if his loved ones had bad experiences, but does he disrespect your sorority sisters in any way?

My boyfriend's not a Greek, and it housewives looking nsa concord tennessee 37922 hasn't been much of a problem. So you just dislike them and talk badly about them for fun? Remember, no one in your realm of acquaintances has done him harm.

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His caring about you doesn't obligate him not to express his opinion or share yours about something. We get along fine except when we talk about Theta or Greek Life. Hey there! User Name Remember Me? Community Links Members List. He's a huge supporter of my having sisters and he thinks it's great for me to have "girl time.

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Yes I am, Yes I am! I like him a lot Any advice? I think it's safe to say that many college students find themselves in that situation. I would switch this around and say that if he was truly mature he would realize this.

I take things as they come, and I don't worry too much about fitting everything in, because really--as long as I get my 7 hours of sleep, I know that I'll have good day. My BF is in the Coast Guard and he leaves for patrol every other two months. After all he doesn't have a genuine adobe photoshop cs3 mac free. Search Forums.

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I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks for reading! If he's a keeper, then he will learn to be more understanding about how much Theta means to you. Your boyfriend has every right to dislike sororities, but he doesn't have a right to take women looking nsa blue ridge manor out on you. I mean, he is so great except when we discuss Greek life. Well good night and take care. So its his hang up and he doesn't have the right as was pointed out earlier to inflict you with his hang-ups.

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If he understands this he may just come around. Maybe any of you can offer any advice to me? I think, from your post, the problem is simply managing time--and trying to juggle everything in your schedule. Men are brought up to believe in control and to be obviouly forced into something by emotional blackmail is not something we swallow easily.

True, I've given up some things for other things, and I don't know if this'll work for ladies seeking real sex grayslake else except for me, but first and foremost I only take in what I can handle.

I do agree that sorority life does take up a lot of time; but I believe that it is time well spent!

What did Fred or Jeff or Stacey do personally and specifically to you? Good luck to you. Invite him to philanthropy events. Also bring him around other Greek that you know outside your group. So don't use that agument not that OohTeenyWahine was suggesting you should. However, you mentioned that your sorority is your family.

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It's like a package deal of sorts. The guy whom I am dating right now, and really like right now for the most part and is also a close friend does not respect the idea of a sorority. If he truly cares for you which I really hope he doeshe would learn to be more accepting because Theta is a part of your ireland free classifieds. I take great offense when people put down my family both blood and sorority.

I believe 33girl hit it right on the head when she said to bring him around your friends. I have tried to tell him how much we Greeks have influenced the community for the better, by our philanthropy and service projects. I'm sure that this man is special, because if he didn't, then you wouldn't be dating him right now.

I agree, maybe the reason that he doesn't like Greeks and Greek Life is just because he lady wants sex tonight hedley not seen or experience it first hand. I think I'm closer to my sorority sisters than I am closer to my blood sisters.

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Go to Dating Non-Greeks But they were right in the sense that it is really hard. For me, I put priorities in this order: 1 School. I've been dating a non-Greek for over a year now, and like your boyfriend, he is also very understanding about sorority life. However, I don't think that the problem lies with dating a non-Greek.

I have also tried to prove to him how valuable my sisterhood with Theta is. And we men tend to carry grudges. Maybe if he meets your sisters he'll get used to the fact halliday nd sex dating there are other things free sex on line your life, and these things help make you who you are.

Trying to balance school, family, sorority events, other club activities, boyfriend, and outside social life Non-Greek friendswho has time for anything I would really like to know how everyone does it all and still have time for sleep?!?

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As to him changing the topic on you, I think that you should sit him down one day and not give him the option to change the topic and you should take this opportunity to find out why he has such a deep dislike for sororities. I don't think his disliking sororities is grounds for a break-up if you like sexy lady seeking nsa merriam otherwise, but if he's keeping you from being with your sisters and being active in your sorority, that's something you might need to deal with. Its as bad as threatening the relationship, I'll break up with you if.

As to you girls, you guys are so lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend! Don't mention your sorority or Greeks per se in conversation, refer to them as friends or a group etc. Social life is only allowed if there was time because really, it isn't that important to me. I absolutely loathe his being in the military because I hate being without him, but it's something that he's committed to, and because I love him so much, I learned that I must also accept perryopolis pa sex dating Coast Guard.

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